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Neck pain can range from distracting, nagging aches to debilitating stiffness and sharp pains depending on what structures in your neck are involved. Any sort of pain is distracting and this affects your performance at work and your quality of life outside of your job. If you are experiencing symptoms of a stiff sore neck, have relentless pain from whiplash injury, and/or have associated pain, tingling or numbness radiating down one of your arms then we would like to extend to you helpful tools and educate you on how to take care of your neck properly. We even offer a free mini course that is sent to your email. Neck pain relief is possible and your frustration should end here after taking advantage of the resources of this website and seeking professional treatment from your local physiotherapist.


Causes of Neck Pain
Cervical Traction for Neck Pain Relief
More Neck Pain Relief Tools


Causes of Neck Pain

Most injuries to our back and neck are recognized to be the result of an accumulation of five basic things:

  1. Poor posture habits
  2. Incorrect body mechanics
  3. Loss of flexibility
  4. Stressful working conditions, and
  5. a decline in one’s general physical fitness level

Poor posture habits and incorrect body mechanics set you up for spinal degeneration and nerve injuries. When your back is out of alignment for long periods then uneven stress is being put on your spine causing it to slowly deform. Flexibility is very important for keeping your discs hydrated and learning how to cope with stress will help prevent your muscles from tensing up. So this simply means being a bit more active and training yourself to hold your back straight. When a patient needs more treatment to stretch out stiff neck muscles, relieve osteoarthritis, treat whiplash injury, take weight off a bulging disc, or relieve a pinched nerve within the cervical spine then physiotherapy and the use of a neck traction unit can be the most promising.

Cervical Traction for Neck Pain Relief

saunders cervical tractionLet me start by sharing with you the usefulness of a Cervical Traction unit. It is a tool I wished I had known about long before six months into my nerve pain down my arm. It was a tool I had no idea existed and this is why I feel it is so important to mention it right away. It is the safest way of stretching out your spine within your neck (cervical spine) when done with the guidance of a physiotherapist. Pictured here is the Saunders Cervical Traction unit that can be purchased by the patient to be used at home (for purchasing options click here). By strapping into this unit and pumping up the pressure with a hand-held pump you can actually pull apart your vertebrae and stretch your deep spinal muscles.

This form of deep stretch creates more space for compressed discs and nerves in the cervical spine to be released, thus, the nerves within the neck are less pinched and can have a better chance to heal. Your physiotherapist will have to advise you when you will be ready to start using cervical traction and the amount of pressure to apply so talk to your physiotherapist like I did. Amazingly, I noticed neck pain relief after the first use and after a few weeks my physiotherapist was amazed at my increase in flexibility and no complaint of neck or arm pain. I find this great for releasing stress in my neck from time to time when I come home from a long shift at work.

Cervical Traction Neck Pain Relief

Gravity pulls us down and neck traction stretches your neck right back out to give you lasting neck pain relief. This increase in space allows the discs to become more hydrated and take in more oxygen and nutrients that it needs to stay strong and act as it should, a shock absorber for your spine.

Lying down on a comfortable surface with your head strapped into a Saunders Cervical Traction unit gives you full control of stretching out your neck in a way that actually separates the spinal structures (vertebrae and discs) so that more room is created for pinched nerves to be freed up from bulging disc material or a narrowed space.

All layers of muscle and connective tissues right down to the spine are stretched gently and accurately with a hand-held pump that tells the user how much pressure is being placed on their neck. Coming home after a long shift at work with agonizing neck pain can be relieved almost instantly when lying down for a few minutes of treatment.

Duane Saunders, the creator of the Saunders Cervical Traction device was an esteemed physiotherapist devoted to his patients and had demonstrated this with the creation of the unit designed for stretching the neck and releasing compression forces that irritate the structures of the cervical spine. Originally designing a large traction table for physiotherapist’s to use in their clinics, patients can now purchase a portable device to use wherever they travel or just for at home.

More Neck Pain Relief Tools

When finding relief from nagging neck pain there are different aids that you might like to use to help encourage your neck muscles to relax and reduce inflammation.

Hot/Cold Therapy

If you have a new injury then first seek rest along with cold and hot compress. Cold compress can reduce inflammation of fresh injuries and hot compress can encourage healing by increasing blood circulation. Here is an innovative product by Elasto-Gel and Termalon:

Elastogel Hot and Cold Neck Pain ReliefThermalon Hot and Cold Neck Pain Relief

Neck Roll

Rolling up a small towel or getting yourself a back roll to put under your neck when you lie down gives your neck the support it needs to fully relax.

Neck Pain Relief Roll

 Cervical Support Pillow

Alternative to a neck roll, this Arc4Life pillow will support your cervical spine by way of it’s shape.

Neck Pain Relief Cervical Support Pillow

Soft Collar

Soft collars are another option for reducing range of motion when you have an injury that should not be irritated by too much movement. These collars will also take some of the weight off your cervical spine.

soft cervical collar neck pain relief

Pain Relief Cream

Other soothing products like Topricin or Biofreeze gel that you rub on helps ease the pain. Topricin is an anit-inflammatory pain reliever and Biofreeze is a form of cold therapy pain relief used for back pain, arthritis, and sore muscles.

Topricin Anti-inflammatory Neck Pain ReliefNeck pain relief Gel




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