Neck Traction Mechanism

What neck traction is and how it works will be describe here and at the end you will find that with a home neck traction device you will eliminate your pain and restore your spine’s health and mobility within weeks. The way traction works to stretch your neck is more effective than stretching your neck without assistance and this will be appreciated with a basic description of the spinal structure and it’s mechanical nature. With this information we hope to get you on track to complete neck pain relief by taking advantage of the resources offered such as our free 10 day mini course that you can sign up for below.


Basic Anatomy of Where Your Pain is Coming From

The basic components of our spine are made up of bones stacked on top of each other with shock absorbing discs between them. Within this structure is a canal that runs the length of it and houses the delicate spinal cord and the nerves that extend from it. When neck traction is applied to the cervical spine it can stretch out the shock absorbing discs and increase the space between the bones. Why would we do this?

 Reasons for Doing Neck Traction

As we age the shock absorbing discs within our back dry up and weaken under all the stress we put on our backs over time. As a new born baby our spinal discs are well hydrated and full of nutrients that make it strong and elastic but unfortunately the force of gravity and other factors can take this away from us and before we know it our weak disc is being pushed out of place and into the spinal cord canal.


What Makes Neck Traction so Effective?

Neck Traction

Neck traction, also called, cervical traction is a method of stretching out the area of your spine situated within your neck. When neck traction is applied with the right amount of pressure there are a number of beneficial events that take place that will contribute to restoring your discs to what they were when you were younger. This is done by:

    • Stretching tight muscles and tendons in and around the cervical spine
    • Separating the spinal bones that have come too close together over time and possibly have been putting pressure on a nerve root exiting the spine
    • Removing pressure on the squished or narrowed discs
    • Creating negative pressure between the vertebrae like a vacuum to suck the bulging disc back into place
    • Encouraging your disc to reabsorb moisture along with nutrients and regain its composure
    • Reduce pressure on any irritated nerve tissue that in turn will relieve abnormal sensations down the arm.

With repeated treatments every day or even throughout the day your spine will become more and more hydrated and fed with the nutrients it was deprived of so long. You are actually rebuilding your back into place by restoring the life back into your shock absorbing discs. After healing has taken place your physiotherapist will gradually introduce you to strengthening exercise so you will have a strong foundation to prevent future re-injury.


With this understanding of neck traction we can see how it could not only heal and restore a deformed disc but also prevent spinal degeneration before it starts.


Address your Pain Sooner than Later

Most people are unaware of the condition of their back until they have pain. By that time the disc usually has a large bulge and we can feel something is not right either in our neck or down one of our arms. With this injury the muscles around the area tighten as a natural safety reaction to prevent movement so our range of motion decreases, and for good reason. But this tightness if left untreated will also add to the pressure being put on your already compressed disc so it is important to seek professional help sooner than later.

Once it is confirmed that a nerve is being irritated or compressed by either a bulging disc or a narrowing space between the bones a treatment plan can be made by your physiotherapist which will include neck traction but will not be limited to this. A variety of treatments usually are used in association with neck traction that will also speed your recovery.


Buy Neck Traction Unit

If you know that neck traction is a treatment you need to start on right away then consider Saunders Cervical Traction with your physiotherapist. This is the neck traction unit that is most recommended by physical therapists and recognized as one of the safest ways to stretch your cervical spine.

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What you should not use Traction for

The way neck traction works to restore your vertebral discs back into place is an appropriate treatment for most degenerative cervical spine issues and whiplash injury but this form of treatment should not be done before knowing for sure what is wrong with your back. This is because rare cases of spinal tumor or spinal fracture would be aggravated by such a treatment.


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