Saunders Cervical Traction Parts


The Saunders cervical traction has a number of parts to it but when you get your device it comes in one piece so it is ready to use out of the package. There are different components to your Saunders cervical traction which this page will cover  and show you how to use.


Saunders Cervical Traction Angle Adjuster

Before using your Saunder cervical traction unit you will want to know how to adjust the angle, adjust the position of the neck wedges, and control the pressure level. The diagram below shows where all these parts are on your Saunders cervical traction unit. First lets take a look at the angle adjustment.











The angle adjuster is replaceable if broken and it’s main function is to increase or decrease the angle of your neck. Typically this is set at 15°, however, the instructions from your healthcare provider should be followed and they may recommend a certain angle for better traction for your situation. There are three angle settings on the Saunders cervical traction. The lowest angel is 15°, midway is 20°, and the highest is 25°.


Saunders Cervical Traction Neck Wedges

Now switching our attention to the neck wedges, we can see there are knobs on the sides of the unit right beside the neck wedges that can be turned. These knobs will move the neck wedges either closer or further apart to suit your comfort level. The image below shows you how your head is to be placed in the Saunders cervical traction device so that your occipital bone is resting on the neck wedges.







Saunders Cervical Traction Head Strap

Once you are lying down on a flat surface with your head in the right position on the Saunders cervical traction unit you want to secure your head is lightly but securly strapped down with the head strap. This does not need to be tight it’s just there for stability.


Saunders Cervical Traction Hand Pump

Now you are ready to take the hand held pump making sure that tubing is not pinched anywhere along it. You can only start pumping up the device when the gauge is set to “pump” then once you have pumped up the device to the strength that you were instructed to by your healthcare provider you need to then set the gauged to the “hold” position and it will keep that level of pressure. Anytime you feel discomfort or when your time is up turn the gague setting to “release” and the air can then escape. The pressure will go down slowly and your neck will no longer be stretched.













It is important to get used to using the pump settings so that you can quickly and easily switch to the various options when you need to. Here’s a quick review of the gauge settings:

  • PUMP: To fill the cylinder with air so that you increase the neck traction force.
  • HOLD: To keep the air in the cylinder at the point you filled it up to.
  • RELEASE: To empty the air from cylinder whenever you want.








The Saunders cervical traction hand pump is fully replaceable along with the head strap, and the neck wedges. This unit comes with a protective carrying case that you can use to pack your Saunders cervical traction in and take with you anywhere you go. The device is only 12 pounds making it desirable to take with you on vacation or any type of travel.


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